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Friday, February 19, 2010

Marilyn Monroe: A Montage

Let me first say that I don't feel I resemble Marilyn Monroe really much at all, other than being pale, blonde, and having blue eyes...oh, and being a girl. But, I am inspired by her story, her incredible beauty, and her ability to make an image into art- just by being the subject. Here is a makeup-made tribute of me, attempting to channel just a small glimmer of the world's biggest star.

To Marilyn, with love:

Until next time,
Tianne Marie


Becky Strong said...

Okay homefries...I am totally diggin your Marilyn tribute.I had Marylin Monroe posters on my wall as a teen, she made me feel better about my size 10 ghetto booty! She was indeed a true beauty. These photos are beautiful! However, I totally got Desperately Seeking Susan from the 3rd and 4th pics from the bottom.

TianneMarie said...

Becky! Thank you! Oh I love Marilyn...I have so many books and I'm going to do a wall mural of her in my house (hopefully we'll buy one soon). Thank you for liking them. I was nervous to post it because I don't think I'm anywhere close, but I wanted to capture her 'style'...thank you Becky!