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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

(I'm putting this little V-day card since the look I did oddly reminded me of Jem and well, I loved her once upon an 8 year old day)

If I had my way to create the perfect Valentine's Day, I would be a size 4, wearing A Fortuny gown, a long white ermine fur (pooh to PETA, it's my daydream), delicious Alexander Mcqueen heels *wail*, a tower of Lily St. Cyr hair and strolling through Paris flashing diamonds and kisses with my husband. Or, maybe I'd just take a nap while someone scrubs down my loo. Both sound unrealistic and dreamy.

I think instead, I'll dust off my old Lord of the Rings collection and watch the extended versions and prance around my house like I'm Legolas domesticated. Sans the bow and arrow! A modern day cupid!


I'm not getting to the point. What I wanted to say was, Happy Valentine's Day! I won't be blogging as we have some plans (no, not Paris) so I'll leave with my over the top Valentine's pink/red combo.

I used on my eyes: Black NYX liner, Aromaleigh Rocks! eyeshadows in:

I had a heinous bump on my cheek that I swear has been setting up camp for a good week. Not to mention my skin is beginning to look haggard and I think a Clarisonic is in order, to prevent me from doing geriatric tutorials from here on out.

But, with my trusty 'highlight' tool, I'm able to blast those wrinkles away and well, I used a sticker on the bump. Enjoy the pictures and remember, Valentine's Day is not just for lovers in love. It's a day to remember the joys of our life- the people that mean the most, the children we're grateful to care for, and the little things that make our lives special.

Here's a look I created in honor of the holiday-

Geisha Ben Nye cake foundation, TKB Trading 'Travel to Venus' on my brow, cheekbones, and bridge of nose, with Aromaleigh Metamorphosis throughout for pale shimmer.

Lips are MAC Blankety with Jesse's Girl Crystal Gloss in Violet.

Cheeks are all Aromaleigh: Gothic Lolita Rouge in Dolly, highlighted with Pure Rouge in Peach and Gilt finishing powder on my cheeks.

Lashes are red feathers from HK, and the little pink jewels are part of the little glass bowl of sand I keep my brushes in. Here go! Oh, and the pink wig I bought on Ebay. The seller told me it was for a Marie Antoinette look...yeah right! It's like Anime freakshow, but since it's pink, I wore it. Have fun taking a peek!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, friends.

Love, Tianne

P.S. Here's proof of that dumb blemish that won't go away, fie!


MartianDelights said...

Love the look ! Funnily enough I was thinking of Jem a couple of days ago ! Used to prefer the Misfits (that's how they were called in France but I expect it was the same in English-speaking countries). Don't recall much of it, might have to check it out on YouTube lol !

Very pretty look, bet you had great fun !

TianneMarie said...

Hi there! Oh I loved Jem! The Misfits- yep, same here- they were sooo deliciously bad.

I'd love to do a Jem look! We should!

Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it a bunch.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are so rad! I love your photos.and you of course!

I would like you to make kerin look like a magical rainbow unicorn fairy. I could use makeup tips to use on the funions. Just a suggestion.

Amanda said...

Oh my heck i love this! Those crazy red feather lashes are...wow.