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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girls just wanna have a bad romance: Viva Glam- Gaga and Lauper love MAC

Ra ra oooh la la, roma ro-ma ma.....Here's a chance to own a new lippie straight from the temptation factory that is MAC. With my MacPro membership I get emails and glory from MAC every now and again and this was in my inbox just this mornin'!

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper are perched on a brocade chair with Cyndi wearing this absurd soap bubble effect pearl necklace and Gaga wearing beach shoes that belong in the Hamptons! I love Cyndi's dolly skin and both of them have this cotton candy hair that hails back to my fave temptress, Marilyn. Ooh la la, indeed! Not to mention that Cyndi Lauper (who I love) is going to be on Celebrity Apprentice along with 'perma pucker' Bret Michaels....but I digress.

So! Viva Glam is MAC's charity program that supports AIDS research (I love charitable contributions- it's needful for the soul) and this collection looks to be fun! Fun enough I want to run to my nearest MAC store (in San Fran, that's a lot of running, I'll be Forrest Gump lookin' and they may not let me in) and get one! I guess it's easier to order online. With how mega-watt Gaga is right now, I have a sneaking suspicion these babies are going to sell out faster than Botox in Manhattan.

Want to gander the Gaga? Click on Forrest below:

I love how MAC gives you the option to 'buy the look'. Literally, with one click you can add the entire lot to your cart and checkout. I wonder if the girls on YouTube with 600 lipglasses do this sort of thing. I wonder....

Considering the 40% pro discount doesn't apply, if you want the whole enchilada du gaga it's $177.00. But, the lipstick alone is the typical Viva Glam price of $14.00- not bad! I might wander over to Nordie's and check it out.

I won't wear my Lady Gaga tribute outfit of fishnets with pasties. It might scare the respectable crowd.

Okay kidding...I'm a Mom, so pasties are not in my daytime wardrobe (or night, come to think of it) but I sure love Lady Gaga and her outrageous, fearless style and so naturally, I love this collection. Go check it out!

Until next time,
Tianne Roma ro ma ma Marie

P.S. Rock while you shop, hooray!

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