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Thursday, February 11, 2010

George-ous Red Lips!

Play this while you read. It's a fun song that conjures up the heyday of post 80's fashion. Who can forget these icons singing along to George, back when he was hot and awake? Personally, I had a pencil sketch I bought at the mall of GM (the singer, not the car factory, ha) in my teenage room to sigh at. I even won tickets but couldn't go as my mother forbade me at 14 to go to Oakland to see freaking George Michael. Thanks mom- I'm still in therapy. I swear, before I die, even if he's in a retirement home, I will see George sing live!

Speaking of, who can forget this a-mAZ-ing getup by Muglier that rocked the Freedom '90 vid? I personally rewound this on my VCR a million times since it was crazy how she strutted down the catwalk in that thing. It got me thinking today about Valentine's day and how to celebrate the 'month of love' without being too cliche.

Sooo, on to the reason for this post.....keep reading...

RED LIPS! Something about a juicy, smart, vivid crimson colour screams confidence and sexiness.

I've read (in Esquire, no less, bah) that men will seduce a woman in red before any other colour. There are songs about it, Marilyn was known for it, and nothing can replace it...Oh thank heaven for red lipstick!

Here's how to get THE mouth. Perfect for Valentine's day. Nothing will get your man going like a perfect red lip-print somewhere he can find it. Hey, even the cereal box looks sassy with a red kiss on it!
Before I get to the 411, I want a phone like this. I don't care if it's 80's Betty Boop time warp...I WANT IT!

And you want red lips, so here ya go!

* * *
Luscious Red VA VA VOOM Valentine's Day Lips

1. Prep lips with exfoliant to remove winter blues on your pout. Moisturize well with your choise- I like Nivea creme when I'm feeling nostalgic.

2. Decide what kind of red...do you want to avoid yellow teeth? Pick a bluish red. Tan and want to make it stand out? Go with a more orange red. If you're a pin up queen wanting to rock the Bettie Page pucker- go for true red. If you want to look vampire dark, go with a purple based red or a wine red. Let the colour be rich, full of pigment, and leave the shine to the gloss. We're going for full on femme fatale- like so:

3. I'm going to use all Besame products for this look. With a name that translates into 'Kiss me much' it's a perfect match for what I want to capture. With that being said, I am using their lipliner in Red, their enchanting lipstick in Red Hot Red, Noir Red, and their Red Berry lip glaze. That's a lot of kiss me much'n!

4. Apply a bit of white eyeshadow around the perimeter of your lips and blend. Why? It avoids feathering and highlights the lip line, making lips look fuller without that 'drawn' look.

5. Line lips ON THE LIPLINE with the red. Powder slightly with a translucent powder. I used Besame's dusting powder. I love that creamy vanilla scent. I've had loads of actresses ask me, 'What is that?' when I use it. It's heaven, serious.

6. Apply the red lipstick in a few ways...3 options below~!

For the Marilyn Mouth like this:

After setting the liner, take the lipstick and only fill the upper 1/3 of the top lip and the lower 1/3 of the bottom. Then, get the gooiest clear gloss you can find with a doe tip (seriously, use Vaseline on a q-tip. Why not? She did) and apply on the naked lip first, blending to the red liner and lipstick.

Layer with lipstick, blend with Vaseline, etc until you get this rich, varied, high gloss mouth not worth going in public with. If you look at photos of Marilyn, she didn't have a full red lip most of the time. Instead she had a lined mouth with the dark colour fading to a near clear at the center. That's the Marilyn version of a juicy, cherry red mouth.

For the traditional red lip- fully colour the lips with the lipstick. Again, I used Red Hot Red. Fortunately, Besame's lipsticks have a great angled tip, so you don't need a brush, whew! Then fully apply the Red Berry gloss. Watch the corners, they'll bleed. If need be, gently stroke with a fine tipped brush, the white shadow and 'set' with powder. Blend a little so you don't have white raccoon mouth and it'll look full and luscious. Voila!

*If you want to lessen the WHOA factor of a red lip, add some white liner or cream eyeshadow to the center of the bottom lip and right in between the top 'v' of your mouth...it'll lighten the shade and look less severe. See? It's similar to the Marilyn, but with more red covering the lips.

For you just bitten girls who don't want a pin-up red- try a deeper red like Besame's Noir Red. Ooh it's sexy- vampy...deep.This is great to 'whiten' the look of your teeth as well.

Double Trouble
When you wear these lips, I guarantee on Valentine's day, with your beautiful scarlet smile- if your man doesn't make the expression below in rapture....well....you's gots the wrong man!

Is that George?! Egads! Okay so maybe you don't want THAT look exactly...but you get the idea. *wink*

Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies.

Until next time,

Tianne Marie

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Anonymous said...

Oh gawd! That photo of GM! I love the Besame Noir Red.i will go to the George Michael show with you,let me know when, hopefuuly before my bunions begin to ache.