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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres- This post is a big'un! Lotsa swatches and lip prints too!

Opening shot of Oskar, cat extraordinaire, who is currently dreaming of salmon a la mow mow on my couch. He's a funny guy and he makes a random appearance now and again.


On to the lippies! These babies are only $2.50 each and are very, very user friendly- so they won't dry up and run out in 2 weeks. I would rather pay this small amount for a 3 month lasting custom lippie than 6 bucks for a Revlon BLAH mass market p.o.c (piece o' cr...you get the drift).

Above, indoors with flash. Below, indoors with sunset lighting through a window. Que romantique! There are quite a few and I tried to draw little hearts so you can see each shade on skin, to get a good idea of colour transfer.
I gots me this bunch of minis from Fyrinnae (http://www.fyrinnae.com/) and like I wrote before about Diabolic Masquerade, they really are unique in the lip colour world. They are deceptive little cuties. They appear to be a lip gloss with a doe foot applicator. BUT they apply smooth, like liquid lipstick and then they dry, but don't dry your lips. Capiche?

They range from a very sheer (read opaque) formula to thick and yes, sadly, sometimes runny (my Diabolic Masquerade tended to bleed a little, so apply thin and layer to avoid that issue). Some were solid and rich, like Visual Kei or Kitty Ears.

My unusual fave was Ghostly Voice. It's a pewter silver shade with flecks of violet and aqua. It almost has a blue tone to it. Oh, I lurves it! I've already picked out a marriage license. It'll be me, the husband, and my tube of Ghostly Voice.
In my obsessive compulsive way, I did a lip print on white paper and these are dulled down a little due to the lighting and my crapola camera. Okay so it's a decent camera and I just don't know how to fix the settings. Easier to call it crap. SO- here's the lippies. If you get bored halfway through, that's okay, just scroll down. I'm serving chips & salsa after the post...
Here we have the purples/greys:
Aaand, Bounce, which somehow did not make it into the group tube shot. Probably in the bathroom and missed last call:

Next up the berries/reds/pinks & evil red black:

Next the neutrals/browns/peaches/nudes:

So there's the Fyrinnae haul! I think these are very wearable. You might need to powder over a sheer base coat and layer to get a true lipstick, but I love how unique the formula is and YES, the price!

Head on over, tell them Tianne sent ya!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie


Phyrra said...

So cute!

Thia Winter said...

Hi Tianne, I'm glad you like them! I LOVE my lip lustres....I usually just bite the bullet and get a f/s though. :D