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Sunday, February 21, 2010

FOTD: Les Papillons- Angel Eyes


Hi there!

I love the softness of this look. To be honest, I did this some time ago, found them on my hard drive and thought, "OH! I should post these!"

So I sheepishly admit I really don't remember the colours I used and I don't want to guess or 'fake it'. I don't like just winging it. Eet eez a beeg no no (in Zsa Zsa speak).

Colours or no, this is so soft and friendly, it's like a heavenly cloud...it reminds me of Angel Eyes- hence, the title.

The pigments blend so well and the whole effect is feather light, ethereal and at prices that anyone can afford, Aromaleigh is a bit of the divine.

However, manana is Monday- I'm going to be singing the Bangles song because I have a lot to do and I'm also brewin' up some ideas in my makeup mind and happy to get to it.

But for now, I'm watching Undercover Boss on CBS and thinking that the guy that owns 7-11 is my new favorite dude. Slurpees are a little bit of heaven.

For that matter, so are these eyeshadows.

Have a great day,

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