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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FOTD: Colette's Verdigris Torment

Hi there!

Okay, friends and neighbors! Yet again...

Today's look I'm calling:

I based the snarky title on the shades of eyeshadow I used. Take a peek!

I absolutely love the shade Colette, from Aromaleigh's Bete Noire eyeshadow collection. Seriously, it's one of the colours that made me fall in love with the brand. It's a shimmering deep violet blue with sparks of aqua, purple, and reminds me of marcasite. It's so beautiful. The pigments remind me of what I wish paint would do. It's so multi-dimensional. Ah, colour love.

This look made me want to mix textures. I used three distinct shadow bases: matte, high intensity sparkle, and metallic/lustre. I think it turned out rather striking and it'll be sure to get some looks from the beige coloured moms this afternoon when I pick up the kids. It's a good thing my family is used to this- my kids love it! Yay for open mindedness!

So here's a looksee at the face of the day.


I used all Aromaleigh...seriously, switch to this brand. Go do it. Swipe your arm across your vanity- give it to your 10 year old niece and check out http://www.aromaleigh.com/

Better than MAC. Don't believe me? Try it. Then tell me what you think!

Here's the how-to and how do you do:

Swipe Verdigris across primed lid to crease.

With a rounded shader brush, gently press dabs of Colette in the outer corner of the eye in a V shape. Check photos for reference.

Clean shader brush (or wipe it on your grungy pj shorts like I did...yeah, don't judge me) and dip into Torment. Brush in gentle dabs in the center of the eyelid, above the crease and bleeeeend.

Soften edges. Rim bottom of eye with Torment with a liner brush. Blend with Colette near the outer corner and softly go over with Verdigris.

*For eyeliner I used Erno Laslzo's Interface liner in Onyx. Deep, naughty black.

*On my lashes I used Maybelline's Lash Stiletto and from now on I henceforth vow to use falsies as I look like I don't have much in the lash dept. Yes, Dolly Parton, I want to be YOU!

On my cheeks, I applied Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita Rococo blush (charming coral pink shade I adore and say sweet things to) HIGH on the cheekbones.

Blend in a downward stroke with a large powder blush (I use MAC's) with Aromaleigh's Gilt powder. Not guilt....golden GILT.

Okay, I know the photo looks reptilian but that's because I wanted to show the colour up close. When I take photos I have to Tammy Faye the makeup on or else it looks super washed out. So forgive and just know the blush is gorgeous.

On my face, I used Ben Nye's cream foundation in Fairest (Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose foundie's fairest of all...) and only used Gilt as a powder. You can see the little round jar in the entry photo. It's a small pot of creme foundation that is smoooooth. I really like it.

On my lips, I used Gilt piled on with my finger and a whole lotta love (Led Zeppelin style) of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss in ......Fuzzy Navel?!

Gack! I don't remember. I melt all my lippies into plastic boxed containers so I don't drop tubes everywhere.

It's a pale pink with green/white glitter. I think it's Fuzzy Navel...or Daquiri. Any pink/nude glimmer gloss will do.

Here's a lip print on white paper to show the underlying color of the Gilt with the gloss. I really liked the effect.

Hope you like it! This was unique and a lot of fun. Ah, Colette, I love you!

Have a great day,

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