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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FOTD: Bird of Paradise

Hi all!

Last post o' the day, I promise! This time, I used my Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte collection to re-create one of my favorite floral color schemes. Hello, Bird of Paradise! I'll spare you the song my Mom used to sing about it flying up your nose...but needless to say, up the nose or not- this flower is a breathtaking beauty!

Take a gander at this rainbow-riffic look that would be difficult for me to wear to the store, but would be fun with a yellow silk dress from Armani. Which I don't have. Curse you, Cate Blanchett!

To the makeup!

Here's the complete look close up!

On my eyes I used on the top, from left to right: Spaz, Real Gone, Ankle Biter, and the brat of the collection: supermurgatroid (Miss K, how did you come up with that?). On the bottom, from left to right, Spaz, Dibs, and What's Shakin'. I wetlined Dibs on top and flared it on the bottom of the wing as well. See? On my brows is black mascara for hair definition and Rocks! Rouge in Wildflower......which happens to be.....on my cheeks too! Keep lookin' you'll see it!

Really, don't be fooled. In the jar it's a bit of trollop purple, but on- it's a smooth flattering shade of blushing violet that would put Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Cleopatra to utter shame. Have I mentioned it's 25% off right now too?! I'm tellin' ya- the AL sales are divine!

On my lip-de-lips I used Candy-O Rocks! Rouge as a base colour and then generously swiped Gothic Lolita Lip Creme in Shortcake for softness. For the photo effects I then piled on gobs of clear Lipglass. But I wouldn't wear this much clear gloss in real life. It'd be too messy.

I love these flowers and the colors are so bright and blend like a dream. Enjoy!

Have a great day,


Janet/ Easy, Peasy, Breezy, me said...

So pretty!

Lisa Kate said...

This is BEYOND gorgeous! I love it!! I was thinking "wow, her cheeks look awesome" and wondering what you used...then I saw and I literally just bought samples of ALL of those colors last night!!

TianneMarie said...

Thank you Janet! I appreciate your comment. It's nice to know someone reads it :)

Lisa- gracious, thankee! I know Miss K will be happy to fill your order fast. I've always been really happy with AL- you'll love the mattes- they're really spectacular!

Thanks guys!