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Monday, February 22, 2010

FOTD: Back in Black

Hi there,

I love deep, dark makeup. I'm super pale with a lot of pink (read: blotchiness) and I'm starting to age. So, dark makeup tends to make me look like a bedraggled hag, so I don't do these looks as often. But, today, in my aqua sweats, my husband's grey t-shirt for the Boy Scouts, I picked a few colours and stacked them on top of my new issue of Vogue. Tina Fey was soon sprinkled with the following shades from Aromaleigh:

Rocks!: Shadowplay (in crease)
Pure Hues: Pewter (lower lashline, instep of eye)
Pure Hues: Caribe (center crease)

...and a lovely eyeshadow sample from Fyrinnae in: Syenno. (center crease)

Speaking of, Fyrinnae's lip lustres kill me! They absolutely stab me everytime, straight in the heart. Why?! They're the best lippies I've found and I wish I'd known sooner. Not gloopy, not too drying...they can bleed a little, but the colour payoff is just as you see it. No layering, no uber pricey overhead. They're really a godsend. Try one! Where? HERE

I heard about Fyrinnae via Fresco Phyrra (a great blogger who just screams style...I admire that as I have none) She recommends these lip lustres and so I thought, okie doke, I'll try em! Boy am I glad I did! Today's look was inspired by the shade: Diabolic Masquerade.

It's a rich, velvety black with a bit of shine, but in the tube and on the site, it's a deep, black-red, but it didn't sit red on my lips.

So, here's to dark! Black, purple, and rich aqua...what a mix!

*Oh man I see posts like this in 2014 and want to cringe- so much editing, zero clean photos....*shudder*

Hey I tried :)

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

I am always so impressed with people who can pull of black lipstick. Way to go!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Luinae! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I do love a black but on me, I can't seem to be at peace as I'm not into 'statement' black. BUT I do love this and it would look great under a red. Again, thank you!