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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aromaleigh Valentine Collection- Swatches

Aromaleigh 2009 Valentine- look at these romantically plush shades. Okay, so I know Valentine's was (Valley Girl accent) like, sooooo last weekend, but I just got these in the mail and thought I'd share the bounty!

Take a peek at the little smoochies all sparkly-arkly and ready to be on YOU! I love the shimmer and as usual, the swatches don't do these babies justice- they're incredibly glimmery. I missed part of my writing for Lovelorn, but that's okay!

All photos were taken indoors, colours foiled with water (no primer) onto white paper, no flash and natural light.

I love pillow talk! It's this rich, light sparkling taupe that I covet to the Nth degree! Remember, samples are only a dollar- but until the 19th these lovelies are 25% off. Where you say? http://www.aromaleigh.com/

Let's play a little Simon says.

Simon says: Grab your wallet (hope yours doesn't argue with you like mine does, but at this price, it's got zip to complain about), order the samples, aaaaand in a few days be sparkle-hooked & happy!

For the same price as an OPI polish and a sodie at that Sushi bar you love- you could have the whole set! Free shipping to boot!

By the by, darling dears, I don't get a side profit for endorsing Aromaleigh. Newp. Instead, I have these colours and when they compare FAR beyond the rest of what I own (yes, you MAC) I like to share. Sharing is good. Last bit o' swatchies:

Is Fervor gorgeous or what? Be Mine is a gem- gold, butterscotch glory with an ivory undertone...golden heaven!

Look at this photo below- waaaay better than lunch, right? Don't be fooled, these little baggies pack a punch. They hold more product than you think and will very easily, with heavy application last you a week of solid wear. Don't believe me? Keep readin' honey!

I have heard via the makeup grapevine (that's covered with swarovski crystals and dangles grapes made of lippies) that there is an unfounded gripe against Aromaleigh's sample sizes versus other mineral companies who sample in jars. Alrightey- well I've ordered from a similar company (http://www.fyrinnae.com/) and have ordered (duh) from Aromaleigh. Fyrinnae's samples were generous, came in sifters, and were reasonably priced and NOT repackaged. Okay! Yay! Aromaleigh's samples come in bags, cost $1.00 ea (often on sale though) and how did it compare?

Take a look:

My kitter Oskar wanted to get in on the action, so consider this post Purry Approved- as Oskar allowed me to type this and is currently re-evaluating the world by gazing out our balcony window. Ahem, sample debate continued:

I like object lessons. You see something, it makes a point, and you remember it. Here's what you need to see: The bag and the jar both hold the same amount. I bought 2 samples, dumped one in a jar, put the bag and jar together and ka-ching- the photo above.

This concept is very Piaget- children think a big fat glass holds more and the tall skinny glass holds less- even if the liquid is the same. Well, sure! We grown ups know all about that! BUT same goes for these samples. How so, you ask? I telled ye above :)

The jar LOOKS to hold more, but in reality the samples are the same. I also compared them to some Fyrinnae samples I've received and there is no visible difference.

So, rest assured you're getting a lot of product, no waste with the plastic jars, free shipping, and original, creative, quality formulated shadows that corner the mineral market.

Don't believe me just yet? Order some. Then you tell me *wink*

Until next time,

Tianne Marie

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