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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aromaleigh Lippie Lookieloo

I seem to have some sort of manic posting roll going- because here's another swatch review. I have 2 Aromaleigh lip cremes I wanted to share.

One is Shortcake from the Gothic Lolita collection. On me (my lips are naturally dark pink, but not in the sexy Angelina way- more I blush and get red and blotchy when nervous kind of way, *wail*) Shortcake went a frosted mauve, a bit of lavender. In the tube it's a neutral sand-pink. Sheer, smells good and in usual AL fashion- delicious to wear. You feel your lips nearly sigh with joy. Okay, bad visual. On to swatches!

One is a razored sample from the tube on paper, the other is a lip-print from the homeless lady I accosted to do this, over by Wal-Mart. She gots some good lips!

The second colour is from the Sonic Rocks! collection in the shade Notorious. Yes! Another Duran Duran song! This is a deep mulberry shade that is also sheer, smells lovely, and imparts a rich fuschia/sienna wine to your kisses!

I have yet to go wrong with Aromaleigh lippies. They're more of a wash or stain than a true, full blown lipstick. But, if you layer, they tend to stay. I powder over the application to dull the smooth 'balm' feel and then reapply another layer. That's a little 101 on how to get more bang if you want a rich lipstick.

So, again, cruise on over to Aromaleigh's website, click on their 'New/Sale' tab to the left, and while you're listening to the tunes above, grab a couple~!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

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