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Thursday, February 4, 2010

3D it's not just for Avatar!

Move over James Cameron (okay like he wears lip gloss) but Lorac has their new 3D multiplex, oh the marketing ploys, lip gloss available! For $22 whoppin' clams I'd rather buy a Chanel glossimer and brag about the bottle. But hey, I like the photo I got with the promotion in my email. Take a peek- if only I could have salmony delicious pink lips out of a tube!

If you want to see their blurb on their gloss, read below:

This innovative, paraben-free Lip Gloss contains holographic pigments for multidimensional, high-lacquer shine and vibrant, long-lasting color. Its unique formula is infused with antioxidants to help nourish and protect while the creamy, moist texture help lips look silky-smooth and ultra-glossy. The custom, pro brush is designed to easily hug the curves of the lips for a super sexy 3-D pout!

Follow the link HERE to see the selection. They've got 6 shades that hopefully won't appear to lift off your face when you walk around. Okay, so I know it's not 'true' 3D, but I can't help but visualilze it. My fave is "Vivid" (not entertainment) which is a sultry pearlish pink- could be the gorgeous Bardot-esque shade on the ad.....I wants it! A colour swatch off Lorac's site is at left. Pretty, huh? Almost looks like a decent dupe for NARS' Orgasm gloss (but hopefully without the ick smell)...why, Nars, why?

Normally LORAC (Carol, the founder, spelled backwards) has been on a low streak. Their foundation was at a sad $4.99 and lots of reviews called it a lot of bad names and basically said it was worse than Wet N' Wild....ahem. So, I don't have any LORAC but with this beaut- I might change my mind.

Anyone tried it yet? Let me know! Pickchas welcome!

BUT!! I have some awesome news!!

(Enter round eyed excitement in local Rite Aid two weeks ago)

If you remember my post on Estee Lauder's Crystal Gloss that went bye bye (that I sorely miss)? You'll also remember that I love it and wish it would come back as it's MIA on EL's production line. But what if it did?! Minus the yummy plum smell, but the glowy- uber space-like gleam was intact.... and available?! OH boy!

Well, I found it! Right smack next to the Bonne Bell and L'Eggs pantyhose! WEE! The drugstore brand Jesse's Girl has their lip gloss that I swear (hand over heart) is a complete dupe for the Crystal Gloss- AND it's cheaper! Glossy heaven, hurray!

The name is not such a subtle dupe and I wonder if the execs over at Estee Lauder took their recipe for their gloss in a Top Secret manila file to the CEO of Jesse's Girl in a bailout attempt. Complete with snarky robber masks and tip toe-ing along. They should've because the only people I see buying Estee Lauder also have Medicare cards. Sad, but true. All the youth has been siphoned off to MAC...for good cause too. Okay, I'm rambling. On to the Jesse's Girl gloss!



4 delightfully neon glowing lippies all ready for me to covet at a measly $4.99 each! Wha?! I desperately want Tangerine and next time I'm in Rite Aid browsing their 75% off deals...I may snag one. It's no surprise they call it "Liquid Crystal" lip gloss...see, I told you there was an Estee Lauder conspiracy goin' down....and it's virtually the same thing. Finally, the crazy multi hued gloss makes a comeback and I don't have to get the oldy moldies off Ebay anymore!

Hear that cheering? Yeah, that's me.

So, here's a pin-up shot of these lovely girls strutting their stuff:

They tempt me in the worst way. SO! Drop everything, run to Rite Aid, buy one and mail it to me. I'll be grateful! So while you're looking at the glossies to play Santa for me, enjoy the tune- I think it's apt. Long live the mullet.

Until next time,

Tianne Marie


BLIX said...

I want those lipglosses! I think I'll just order them from online. :-) I have estee lauder's lipgloss in rainbow prism and flash and they are just gorgeous. Would be nice to get something similar that's still around. :-)

TianneMarie said...

Hi Blix! Amen to that! I was so stoked. They're pretty cheap and I bought the Tangerine shade (oh I had to!) and it def. is a quality dupe for the EL Crystal Gloss! Happy gloss hunting!