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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rocks! Eye Candy & Golden Globes

Hi there!
I love a multi-coloured makeup. I love bright, catchy eyes and a muted face. The idea of a rainbow based on the endless colour possibilities of Aromaleigh's Rocks! Collection got me playing with my shadows. I sat down at my kitchen table- no plan in mind, and painted this. What's funny is when my daughter saw this she went, 'Whoah! Mom, scary!' She's 9 and I have a feeling she'll love makeup as much as her Mom.

So, enjoy the colours and I watched the Golden Globes and Sophia Loren was a hotcha mama! Out of all the beautiful people, I think Jennifer Garner looked the best- what a beauty! So here's the Rocks! looks and a few screencaps from the Golden Globes:

For this look I used:

From Rocks!

Poison Ivy
Raspberry Beret
Supermurgatroid- Hi Fi Retro Matte collection
Les Papillons- Glowing Luna
Elemental Lustre- Blaze

I love how editing can bring out different feelings in the makeup. I appreciate how the editing blanches the skin and leaves the features and makeup to be the show. Take a peek! Without the bright white overcast, the yellow takes over and it's more warm. Still the same, but less harsh. What do you think?

As I watching the Golden Globes tonight (Avatar killed it and so did Robert Downey Jr. for Sherlock Holmmmmmes) I noticed Jennifer Garner looked great and Sophia Loren's sexy figure and spring coloured lenses were charming. What a fun event to honor the glamour and guts of Hollywood.

Look how beautiful Jennifer's makeup is! I love how the trend is a peachy pink blush and coordinating lips with gleam and a hint of copper. Her eyes are soft and she looks so naturally gorgeous- makeup artist, well done!


Sophia Loren- a reigning beauty by any standard is starting to get the rubbery uber-surgery look so common over 45 (what a shame, really) but her figure was FABULOUS! What a woman! Her glasses were two shades blending of pink and green and I really think she's the only lady who could get away with that without an undercurrent of swap meet goofiness setting in. Although her eyelashes looked utterly spiky and creepy- the rest of her was in prime condition!

A fun awards event to see what the priviliged get to wear and do- although I despise the excess, I love the glitter and glory of it!

What are you going to do with your bright makeup? Go soft and sweet like Jennifer Garner? Put a little flash like Sophia? Or go nuts and come up with anything you want, like I did? Don't be afraid to play- makeup washes off. *wink*

Have a great day,

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