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Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty in Pink (no, not the movie)

I love pink. It's a happy, fresh very feminine colour. When I see it, it makes me smile. BUT wearing a bunch of pink makeup can verge on looking like you have weepy eyes and blotchy skin. Done right, it's soft, romantic, and appealing. The cliche title is "Pretty in Pink" for this girly but dramatic look.

I used ELF's quad in aptly named Pretty N' Pink, Besame's lipliner (as eyeliner as well) in Pink and Rose. I blended ELF's shimmer cream in Sugar on the highlighted parts of my face- bridge of the nose, large part of cheeks, crease above the lips, etc for a bit of gleam. Black mascara and Besame's Debutante Pink on my lips.

You don't have to have a full flush face of posie pink- add a slight element to your look. A pink hued highlighter instead of crystal white. Or maybe a pink lip gloss...or a more pink blush. Either way, pink can really give you a fresh, more youthful look!

Until next time,

Tianne Marie

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