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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

E.L.F.-ish Faerie

Hi there,

A quick blog based on Eyes Lips Face or E.l.f makeup. I got a mini makeup collection for gratis via the promo code LOYAL or MINIMM with as low as a 1$ purchase. Wow, eh? But how does it rate? Usually free gifts are free for a reason, but this was a decent deal. Check it out under palettes at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ and now they have the original black but also pink and a limited edition red! Wahoo! Great giftie for Valentine's Day!

Using that and their Sugar Kiss glitter liner (burns the ol' eyes girls, watch out) in Shooting Star (greenish hue/clear iridescent in bottle), North Star (bright fuschia), purple (they put a Shooting Star sticker on it, so I am too lazy to click on their site and get the name), and HEY North star again...dang stickers, but the silver color too...so okay forget the 'names' and go with the color! K? Okay! I sound like a cheerleader.

I used the deep smokey black, the blush (a peony pink, very pretty) and dark brown out of the mini palette to make a fun, faerie look. Basically a fantasy eye with some swirls and whatnot. The camera doesn't show the detail as well and makes it look sloppy when it was quite precise...ah a decent photo! I will upgrade my camera eventually, but this will have to do.

On my face I only used their shimmer palette *under Studio eyeshadows*, no powder, concealer, foundation- nope, nada! it was a UV-esque lavender gleam that was pearly and really pretty.

On my brows I used their brow kit in Medium (still a very dark brown...I should've gone lighter) and the pearly white creme eyeshadow on my lips. Took about 5 minutes!

Overall rating?
4 out of 5 stars


Well, it was free! So that's great! Also the black eyeshadow was really nice. As good as MAC. The lippies and creme shadows were very sheer, so I don't know if I'd buy those alone but are great for a quick swatch of colour. The eyeshadows were all good neutral shades and don't take 4 swipes with your brush to get some pigment. I liked it!

I think E.L.F is a fabulous company. It's good to see super, super cheaply priced products perform like their more expensive counterparts. Hooray for no markup! I like their brushes- they are decent, the C brush is a work of art! For $3 you cannot beat it, seriously. Their facial brushes are thin, not dense so the head will bend when you press it against your face since the head of bristles isn't full...but it's taklon and feels silky.
Give E.L.F a try- spend $5 and use the promo code LOYAL and get a free mini palette. I promise you won't be disappointed! Just watch out for those glitter liners in their Sugar Kiss line...lots of vapors and my eyes are still watering as I type. So save your $1 and buy an eyeshadow quad instead....pssst! They have a gloss and a quad for .25 cents...yep, a quarter!

Happy Shopping dearies!

Have a great day,

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