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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doe Deere- The best makeup artist I've ever seen, really.

Lime Crime marketing aside (as much as I admire her zest and pr appeal), I have such an affection for the creativity of the woman herself and Miss Doe Deere (http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/) has creative prowess in spades.

Click HERE for a rundown of some of her amazing looks. That girl has a gift! I wish I could meet her. She seems very kind and I always have a special joy for people who dance to their own songs and create beauty. She's exceedingly brilliant at her forte for doing just that. Hats off to you, Doe!

One of my favorite looks is her take on Barbarella.
Gleaming 24k peachy skin, holographic nude lips, and a deep, dramatic eye. I wish I could learn some pointers from her. She mentioned contouring in relation to this look and she's a smart cupcake! Contouring (using dark and light pigments on certain areas of the face) can change how you look. She describes in detail how she bronzed her cheeks and elongated her nose. Kevyn Aucoin did this and the first to really tout the idea was the infamous Way Bandy! (Yes, I have the books of both...it's a must have!)

Take a look at that Barbarella- you can hardly tell it's Doe!

Another photo I loved, I don't think she did the makeup (not sure, really) is a leopard look. I love the peppery bronze colour in the 'spots'. I've done leopard before and this really took that idea and made it perfect. I'm amazed at how the feathered brows are drawn to look so real...ahhhh, must learn! Must re-create!

It's so shocking and intense- and I luuuurves it! Another look I just loved was Mosh with her makeup done not by Doe- but Doe featured it on her blogazine. I have such a thing for peachy, dreamy lips and this- with the soft mossy greens and winged duo liner had me going "OOhhh Wooow!" I love it when an image does that to me! Take a looksee, darlings!

This look on Mosh I'm going to dupe today if I can....I might run out of time with other appts crowding in. BUT I love it so much, it's on my list! What do you think? What looks make you want to try? Any of them Doe's?

Doe, if you read this- know that I appreciate your talent- use Lime Crime regularly (LOVE those dang lippies) and consider you an Ace in the deck of makeup- thank you, deerling Doe :)

Until next time,

Tianne Marie


CosmoFreakaLeak said...

wow..i love the leopard print!! the gold backround color is so awesome!!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Cosmo! Thanks for the comment! I love knowing people read the blog.

I know! That leopard is killer! Makes me want to go do it right now. Those lashes rock too!