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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carmilla- Bete Noire Glitter

Hi there!
Oh glittery, magenta heaven! I was writing some reviews for Aromaleigh's Bete Noire glitters and they were so pretty and sparkly that I had to play with it. I grabbed my favorite, Carmilla- a sexy, pink-red mega glitter and lined my already green painted eyes and add a dap of sparkle to my lips.

I used a hot pink lip stain to lightly colour my lip lines and blended with Carmilla glitter. I foiled the glitter around my eyes in a deep inverted cat eye at the inner corner and a wing on the outer corners. GORGEOUS! I wish I could wear this every day.

At a very, very reasonable price of under $6 for a hefty 5 g jar- these finely milled glitters will last you a very long time. I recommend a fixative, I have Ben Nye's glitter glue- to keep these babies on bright and avoid fallout. Be careful around your eyes and use the fixative carefully- don't blind yourself, dearie! For this look, I just used an angled liner brush and dipped it into water. I was playing while my husband was watching the reviews of the US Senatorial election in Mass. The only debate I wanted to part of was which glitter to use- bah to politics! Well, while I'm dishing on the sparklies, that is!

The Carmilla added to POP the green I did earlier today...told you those AL pigments last...hours later, still bright and without a primer to boot!

Above, inside lighting, with no flash...I hate how it looks yellow and doesn't pick up the sparkle- this stuff just rocks!

With the flash. You can see the glitter, but when I looked at it in the mirro, it wasn't speckled at all, very uniform. If only I could have show THAT.

With a bit of water, I lined my eyes and I love the juxtaposition of green with the bright, electric pink. The sparkle in the light was stunning- again, the photos don't do it justice.

Just a small dab of the brush into water, I drew the line and it stayed...without fixative. But if you want this to last, use something to bond. Aromaleigh carries an eyeliner sealant that'll do just fine!

Gosh, I love makeup...it just makes my day!

Have a great day,

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