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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you Flirt!? Be Green with Envy

While wandering through Kohl's department store, looking for a silver locket- I browsed their cosmetics and came across FLIRT!. They had rows of cosmetics, some fragrance, and even a funny director's chair with a faux studio light for 'makeovers'. Their marketing image above for their Lash-A-Delic mascara kinda reminds me of BeneFit- don't you think?

Not having tried this makeup before, I cringed a little at the cute saleslady trying oh-so-hard to put makeup on a customer. It was blotchy, poorly applied, and very typical. I wish I could swoop in and help out. Not because I'm THE makeup girl, but because there's so much that can be done and I love watching the magic happen.

When it doesn't, I get sad because I know even with dollar store makeup you can make someone be beautiful...believe you me, I'm no numero uno o the makeup world- half the time at home I don't wear makeup and I should...so I'm not the bar to reach to by any stretch.

But let me say this: if love of makeup equals talent, then I'm in the top 10-because, boy do I love it! I wanted to see this makeup perform and I hope they train their sales force and it better not be some lady at Kohl's making a rotation in cosmetics, yuck! Makeup artists need training, Kohl's!

On to the good, though! One thing I was drawn to at the Flirt! counter was the 'looks' section. They offer a similar template section on their site HERE. Filed near the lip glosses, were little cards you could pull out and on one side was a total image based on colours and on the backside was the listing of the cosmetics used. I was pleased to see it wasn't the usual connect the dots type of instruction. There were some good tips in there!

One tip I liked and I think should be more widespread, is the idea of highlighting your blush. Buy a shimmery peach highlighter (Aromaleigh Coquille in Nectarine or their Perle Illuminating Powder in Lux) and apply it only to the top of your cheekbones after your blush. It'll bring a radiance to your face and help detract from shadows or sallowed skin. Try it!

Speaking of powder, below is some info on one of Flirt!'s good ideas- keep reading!

I did see a cute pressed blush that's a decent wannabe dupe of MAC's MAC in Lillyland face powder (look up)- although the price is about ten dollars US cheaper than MAC (MSRP $16.50), I'd probably go with MAC, based on performance rep than a new brand at Kohl's- which is like the Sears of the new century...but hey, in a world of mass suffering and loss and useless excess- I'll take a deal, which is what Flirt! appears to be!

So, based on Flirt!'s image line- I wanted to do a look based on green, smoky eyes- very sultry, peach cheeks, and copper lips. I'll title it:

Why? Because I love a bright, almost unwearable look and well, dang it, it's bordering on bordello!

Take a look!

Above I've listed all of the Aromaleigh colours I used to achieve this sexy, startling eye. ALL green, of coise! The only item non-Aromaleigh is the green liner. I used Playboy's waterproof Pick-Up Liner in "Are You a Playmate"...seriously, I think Playboy is lame, but this liner is the best I've used yet. A rich, deep green hue that's a serious contender for making black look blah.

On my lips, Besame's lipstick in Carmine with Stila's lip gloss in Peach. In the photos it looks really orange red- but it isn't red at all...very coppery, autumn hued. Grrr, dang camera.
On my face I used Ben Nye's cake in Geisha, Smashbox's blush in Soft Lights "Luminary" and a touch of Coquille from Aromaleigh in Nectarine.

So feel free to copy part of this look! Let me know what you think....Try your own and show up with your green eyes and copper lips- a great way to add colour during this new year and mid stretch of winter!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

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