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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

American Geisha: Glitter Lips!

This was inspired by the glitter I received from Aromaleigh, from their Rocks! Collection, called HotHotHot. I love a beautiful red mouth and I wanted to do a more 3d glitter lip with 2 shades of complimentary glitter. The rest fell into place. With the white skin, red lips, and demure eyes, I called this American Geisha. Hope it inspires you to try something red and glittery too!

The red/black tube is mascara, the Telescopic Explosion mascara.

Okay, so the title sounds like some space sci-fi flick, but the marketing ploy behind this (if you've seen the Penelope Cruz emblazoned commercials, daaahling) is the spherical (i.e. round) brush intended to grab every lash. Hence, telescopic (tiny lashes found) explosion (oh wow, spider eyes!)...

Actually, it's a floppy, round, spiky tipped mascara that reminds you of putting makeup on with a black coated puffer fish. Fun, right?! Does it grab every lash and cause your lashes to explode like a fringe that even a drag queen would envy? No. It's a bit too bendy in the wand to be precise and the spherical shape, although ideal for lower lashes (I'd buy it just for that, you don't smear on your face, or clients, hurrah)...it's not that special. Stick to a thick, curved bristled brush in a black/brown and leave the gimmicks to L'Oreal's PR. Bah. I recommend Lancome's mascaras- Hypnose for thickening, Definicils for length, and you can't go wrong.

Glissade 1N and Voile 1C for foundation...which was a bit light, I'll have to mix with a darker shade. Silk Powder primer and touched up with Parfait finishing powder and Illuminator finishing powder.
I wanted to try this mineral foundation and surprisingly, it's light but offers great coverage. You don't need to be a mineral makeup genius to apply it, just dip, tap, swirl to get it on. Use a full powder brush (I used MAC, best brushes, hands down) and or a Kabuki, mine is Chanel- but Wal-Mart offers a cheap Kabuki for $5. Purchase to your budget girls and sample the pricier digs- that's how you find your great products without unnecessary spending.

For my cheeks, I used Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita Rouge in Rococo- a deep salmon/rose that goes on smoothly and blends really easily. Careful- too much on your brush and you'll get a smudge, so easy does it.

On my eyes I used Aromaleigh's Eye Luster in Arielle on the corner crease. I used Pure Eyes Matte in Moss as a winged liner on the back half of my upper lid. On the entire lid I used Eye Lustre in Amelie mixed with Twilight powder in Dazzle- SPARKLY stuff!

On my lips I used Aromaleigh's Rocks! Glitter in HotHotHot (see above har har) on the border and melded with Rocks! Glitter in Valentine until I felt it blended well from the red on the outset to pink in the middle. I used a touch of Rocks! Glitter in Zero on the center of the bottom lip to pick up the shine. Sadly, photos never do glitter justice, but this would be a SUPERB club look or for when you want to have a sexy, glimmery mouth. Psst! Just a dab of glitter onto your lip gloss will do the same without the stunna effect. I used Nourishing Color Creme in Lollypop to keep the glitter in place. I highly recommend a sealant (Model in a Bottle is good) or any eyeliner sealant (I have a lip sealant from ArtDeco Cosmetics) to keep that glitter on your pout. That way in 2 hours you don't look like you were eating out of a glitter jar.

I had a lot of fun creating this and I wanted it to be subtle, but different. Bright red, sparkly lips with a softly blushed cheek- earthen eyes and mascara only in the center, top and bottom. For that beauty mark, I used mascara and a fine tipped brush.
Here's a tip (why I did what I did today): Just for the heck of it, if you have a blemish that's just lingering it's way out the door...cover with a great concealer (I used Ben Nye's camo quad and a bit of Aromaleigh's Pure Cover in #2) and tap a beauty mark on top of that bad boy....couldn't tell my "mole" was a problem in hiding, could ya?

Same makeup with a bit of editing (one of my New Year's resolutions is to slim down so FIE to you, double chin!) with a Twilight twist...a bit of homage to the Dazzle powder, which I love (comparable to MUFE's Diamond Powder but a heck of a lot cheaper and made by a charming woman instead of a conglomerate- but I love MUFE for what it is, don't get me wrong).
What are your New Year's resolutions for beauty this year? It's a new decade as well- so there's no time like now! Why don't you start with your American look...geisha or otherwise?

Have a great day,

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