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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tutorial 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Hi there!

Gosh I just love stuff like this! Lingerie aside, the creative process (ahem SHOES and COSTUME) for the Victoria's Secret fashion show are always the best of the biz. It's a veritable E-vent, so I wanted to grab the makeup I noticed, soon as I could. Here's a great link to some lovely images from the 2009 show:

Tips & Tricks I noticed from the VS show- there's a few staples on the faces as there was double stick tape going on!

1. Highliter- think white at the inner corners of the eyes and underneath. Makes your face look awake and fresh! Plus, hate to say it, but the bright lights will make a face look blah- so the shimmer and white accents under the eyes brings out the feature. Try it, it works!

2. Pink. Not just the brand or the polka dotted poodle- but the colour! Pink, glossy Bardot esque lips (not a liner in sight, whew!). These photos show a more muted and matte lavender pink, but on my HD telly it was a luxurious baby pink with a load of gloss and shimmer.

3. Bedroom eyes- the ol' standby for sexy peepers. All browns- avoid black liner- NO black liner! Instead use a rich espresso or mink- it's not as harsh. Blend like a madwoman around the outer corners and into the white highlighter. Accent the crease and make it sultry with deep color at the outer corner and lighter the closer to your nose you get.

4. Body shimmer. Benefit Hollywood glo is a dream to copy this. Plus some plain ol' spray shimmer makes the model's legs look leaner and longer with a center gleam of shimmer on the shin. Accentuate cleavage, collar bones, and bone structure with shimmer to make you look sculpted and chic.

If you want to look like an angel and you haven't tried this yet, here's a to-do list to look Heavenly!

1. White at the corner of the eyes with shimmer!
2. Baby pink lips and high gloss
3. Shimmer skin with a golden glow
4. Rich eyeshadows in minks/browns/plum for bedroom eye
5. Natural brows. Don't overpluck and go with a natural arch

The goal of Victoria's Secret 'look' is to be sultry, not overly made up. So you should look glowy, not colorful. What do you think? Would you wear this much shimmer?

For my tutorial, I decided to tone it down a little. Just for the sake of everyday wearability. Keep in mind, anytime you see a televised or printed image, the girl has on loads ( I mean loads ) of cosmetics on, usually. I applied mine with the idea of using the tricks and tips VS uses to wear on your face to hit the boutique- beach- or club. Believe it or not, just for the sake of fun, I used an eyeshadow palette I bought at the dollar store by a brand called LA Colors and that baby performed! I mean it shot down in performance some of the biggies I own- so hey, rock the dollar store, girls!

Here we go, Angel face!

1. Get your skin squeaky clean and fresh. Apply light reflecting foundation (I used Beauty Treats duo in light). Apply white highlighting powder below the eyes, I used the white eyeshadow from my neutral LA Colors 1$ store palette.

2. Apply a rosy pink blush on the apples and contour with a mauve/light plum blush. I used Benefit's Throw Me A Vine liquid blush (discontinued, bah) but Benefit's Georgia and Thrrrob will work too!

3. Apply white shimmer (I used TKB Trading pigment in Travel to Mars- these glorious pigments change colour when you move from gold to yellow to pink, ooh la la) to the inner corners of the eyes and top of cheekbones.

4. Apply white liner to the lower water line (I used my cheapie dollar store white eyeshadow and it worked fine. Another option is to look on Ebay for pearl eyeliner- it's a white glimmer stick beloved by Asian beauties to make the eyes pop). Your eyes should look glimmery.

5. Next, eyeshadow! I used a brown/mauve/mink/peach palette. Apply peach on the lid. Sweep deep mink from the inset to the outer corner of the crease, following your browbone structure, don't wing it, keep it natural. Best way to do this is to see how shadows hit your face and copy it. Easy, huh? Learned that from Kevyn Aucoin- muah!

6. Sweep dark espresso in a very blended motion on the lower 3/4 of the lid and on the upper lashline- giving it a lined effect, but not a LINE...make sense? It's smudgy, bedroomy, sexy- not chola. Even though I love that chola look lol!

7. NO LINER! Find a glimmery pink. I used my Beauty Secrets foundation and mixed it with Smashbox lip pot gloss in Heat and Stila lip glaze in Peach. I also applied TKB's travel to Mars on top for that shimmer shine.

8. Touch up your lashes with mascara. Hold the wand straight up and down and spike your lashes, don't comb them. That will coat them root to tip. Do both lash lines heavily. You want some serious batting power, girls.

9. Smooth it. Nothing should look too lined or structured. Keep it sultry and soft. Add glimmer or blush if you look too round faced or pale. Accentuate the eyes if the lips are too pink. You want to look like you rolled out of bed, flushed and touched by angel dust, right?

10. Grab your fave Victoria's Secret product (I love their Beauty Rush gloss in A Slice of Heaven, it's cupcake cream for your lippies).

So there you go! You probably won't have 80 lb. wings strapped to your back and Fergie warbling as you walk down the street, but I guarantee you'll get some looks- just like an angel would!

Have a great day,

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