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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Urban 80's with a berry pout!

For this look I wanted to have that 80's color palette- you know what I'm talkin' about! Blue eyeshadow up to THERE, bright pink lips- but I wanted it to be more classic- something you'd wear to work- without the uber perm *wink*

I took shots of the makeup both inside and outside to show the variances in lighting. One thing about me is that I can't stand those makeup looks where it's so dark you wouldn't dare go outside (for most of us, right?). They're lovely, dramatic, and show off the pigment well- but I want to take that idea and translate it into wearability. For a makeup artist like me, I want my kit to work for me on the job- not just in the studio. Even though I am partial to outside the box MEGA makeup, for you darlings who read me, I know you're looking for things you can do to spice up your routine. A bit of inspiration- not a heavy dose of art. But if you can blend both- voila- then my job is accomplished!

Now, on to the makeup! Wee!

All indoor lighting- hence that yellow hue to everything. Bless that halogen beauty :)

This is the makeup outside. Suddenly you can see hints of smokey blue, verdant greens, and glistening taupe- yahoo!

What a difference natural sunlight makes in the appearance of cosmetics. I happen to like it. When you look a bit more fresh, more lovely outside, it's a nice change. Indoors is great, but it's flattering when your lovah looks over at you and says, "Wow...you look so pretty". It's like you've impressed him all over again. That's why I love makeup- it makes me (and other people, i.e. husbands) happy to see each other.

For you curious darlings out there, the lipstick is Blank Generation by who else? Aromaleigh. For the record, they don't pay me and although Miss K was generous enough to share this particular lippie- I'm not a spokesperson. I just think more makeup minded women should know about brands beyond the cosmetics counter.
Aromaleigh has me convinced. I've tried nearly every brand out there from Aveda to YSL and then some (85$ for foundation- sure!). Why? So I can be informed. So when I get a call from a casting director- I know I can handle what they throw at me on location. BUT for everyday use, it's not necessary to bust out the shelack. However, if an everyday priced brand performs under staging conditions, then you bet I'm going to promote it. Saves you money- gets the underdog companies some deserved promotion and we're all happy (and pretty!) Ahem- I don't think you read this so you can have me wax eloquent- so more photos!
Here's Violetta from Aromaleigh (My current cult fave lippie of the year) to show the approximate size. Don't let these skinny lippies fool you- they go on sheer, very smoothing to the lips (full coverage they're not) but the tube is full of lipstick- not just a cone inserted into a lot of plastic. Thank you Aromaleigh for sparing us the fancy tube and giving us more product!

Aromaleigh's nourishing lip creme in Blank Generation, from their Rocks! Collection

What makeup is inspiring you? I've got so many ideas running through my mind that I want to sit and recreate them over and over- at least 20 blog posts' worth? What's got you excited?
Until next time,
Tianne Marie
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