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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tarina Tarantino comes to Sephora!

Okay so I am not one to wear a necklace with a pink skull on it- but I will wear her sparklies! I love the header she's got on her site right now- these shimmery, iridescent crystal lovelies that I would love to wear! I's gots a photo of them below- gorgeous huh? Turns out she's applying her penchant for pretty to makeup! Sephora has decided to add her to their featured roster and here's what they've got!
To check out Tarina's line at Sephora click........................................HERE! Nylon magazine (who has also featured Lime Crime Makeup) has a bit to say about it. Wonder when it'll be available. I checked Sephora's site and she's not listed yet. Oh but when she is...I wanna see it!

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