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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Red Wedge

When I was in college, in one of my art classes, I loved this one work in particular by El Lissitzky called "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge". I know it's a Russian poster depicting civil strife and although I have a healthy respect for the Russian people and their history, this was more about what's getting to me and what am I going to do about it. I enjoyed the colour and the way the wedge dominates the image.

What kind of red wedges are in your life? Anything needing to be talked about that you haven't? A point to be made? Or maybe a glaring possibility of a road not taken. I could try a bit harder to be more consistent- reach a bigger level of professional achievement, or maybe, just maybe keep up with my dry cleaning. So, I took this stirring lithograph and used it to inspire a makeup look. Dramatic, yes. Wearable- sure- if you don't mind being noticed! On the verge of a New Year and a lot of parties- don't be afraid to be unusual. It's only a signal of imagination.

However, for this, I would recommend faux lashes. They have amazing red feather ones (I've got some, but I was too lazy to put them on for this) that would make this look intense. I would put the red on the top and a few longer flares in black on the bottom at the outer corner.
On my eyes, I used Aromaleigh eye pigments (yes, again...it's my only shadow anymore, since they're affordable, well made, and mineral based). The dramatic red wedge is in Rocks! Tainted Love. The purple is Rocks! Hitormiss, and the lovely green is 100% Mica in Grass. On the glittery green is a specialty edible glitter found in the UK called Rainbow Dust in Jewel Ice Blue.
On my lips I used my eyeliner brush and drew off kilter stripes in the red Rocks! Tainted Love and also in Eye Plush Sunny Disposition:
I hope to see you ladies trying some new makeup! Any crazy ideas? Or maybe, some tutorials?
Let me know!
Until next time,
Tianne Marie

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