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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Product Rave: Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Mineral Shimmer in Moonbright

Hi there,

I'm wearing all Aromaleigh on the eyes and I give a brief tutorial below detailing what products I use! What's interesting to me is no matter how well I light the photos- the video shows how vibrantly beautiful the makeup is and the photos are usually much more washed out. So keep that in mind when checking out the pics!

A bit about what Moonbright looks like on- it's not a screaming glitter powder- so it imparts more of a gleam/shimmer than a glittery club look. Wanna try it? Go HERE! Aromaleigh has these delightful powders 25% off- so feel free to stock up on samples. Shipping is free (yep, FREE) on all samples so long as your order doesn't have any full size items or brushes/etc. Samples only, ship for free! Gosh, how can you pass that up?!

The makeup application I'm featuring today is one of an everyday fresh face. I focused on peachy, autumnal hues for a clean neutral with a bit of punch in the lips- but nothing showy. My style isn't to have the rainbow-esque look of the day, but genuine makeup you can wear and have it last. I want to give the tricks of the pros to the women who buy makeup and want to know how to use what they have. You can just call me the The Everyday Makeup Maven, thank you very much! Ha!

So, for my foundation I used Ben Nye cake in Geisha. These aren't your drugstore/department store foundations. I use these on shoots, on film, and yep- in everyday life- if it's slightly handled. Cake foundation blends with a diluter such as water, moisturizer, etc and comes in a pan in cake form- hence the popular term "pancake makeup". But this isn't the Elizabeth Taylor spackle- you can make it as heavy or as light as you'd like. Ben Nye is developed for stage and film, but with a gentle hand, you can wear it every day. I used Ben Nye's banana luxury powder and a quick sweep of Cine Fairest cake foundation as a powder.

The finished look above is without the Moonbright and believe it or not, I did not edit this photo other than to place a watermark. See how flawlessly Ben Nye foundation photographs? Amazing, isn't it? I swear there's not a blur tool used on that shot- straight from the camera to you! But let's start at the beginning with a blank face to show how this was created.

Here's the foundation with eyeshadow and eyeliner on and a bit of blush. Eyeshadow used was all Aromaleigh- Be sure to apply your primer first to get that eyeshadow to stick! I used Aromaleigh's eye and lip primer.

Rocks! in Peekaboo on inner lid, Mink Coat and Prim Tweed on center lid from Eye Plush collection, and finally, RockBottom from Rocks! on the outer crease and on top of burgundy eyeliner. I topped it off with mascara in black- blend well and it should look uniform and appealing- you want to see YOU, not your makeup!

For blush, I applied Smashbox's highlighting blush in Gleam. No la-la lips just yet!

What a difference lipstick makes! Look below! I applied an orange-plum hue from Lancome (I forget the colour since all of my lippies are in small plastic containers- best for my kit so I'm not fumbling through a billion tubes)...but copy the shade as a LOT of lippies are universally exchanged if looking for colour only. But shhh, the cosmetic companies don't want you to know THAT!

I used Stila Lip Glaze in Peach on top and a bit of MAC in Florabunda lipglass. I wanted a persimmon pink, slick lip.

I applied Moonbright to the upper sweep of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose, and across my forehead along with my lips- see text for effect! The video also shows well how lovely this powder really is!
To set my makeup, I sprayed Model in a Bottle to keep from needing touchups. It's a setting spray that smells really good and helps keep makeup in place- it's a holy grail product girls! Plus for $14.99 it does last- just don't spray too much.

The Ben Nye foundation makes a flawless finish, but for an otherwordly glow- try the Mineral Shimmer- the lavender reduces redness, the green helps with yellow, and the peachy colours can bring warmth! Happy glimmering and have a very merry Christmas!

Have a great day,

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