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Monday, December 28, 2009

Na Na Na Neutrals!

I love a sun-kissed bare face! It's the dead of winter, right after Christmas and if snow is staring you down, then try a little bronzer and go for that summer look! A great sunless tanner is the Coppertone gradual tan. I'm super pale (hello Swedish genetics) and I use it and I don't look orange. I quit tanning early this summer and kept the sunless going and seriously, I took photos and I couldn't tell the difference between my real tan and as the sunless kicked in. It's about $7.49 at your local Wal-Mart. For you international girls, you can get it on Ebay for about the same. Try it, build a tan in a few days and then make this look happen. You'll look like you were at the beach! How's that for brightening up the last bit of 2009?

I made this look by doing the following:

Applying bronzer by Icing (Claire's fellow shop in malls all over the US) in the medium shades. A great alternative to Guerlain's meteorites. I used a large powder brush and applied this all over my face.
I used a contouring powder in brown underneath my cheekbones (MAC has a great contouring powder in Medium) to accent my face shape. You should see a more defined cheek, not a brown swipe. Blend more if it's too severe.

I have a mantra for this look, you'll see it several times, here's a hint:

Following the contouring powder, I applied Smashbox's blush/soft lights duo in "Super Model" for a nice glowy blush on the cheeks, mainly on the rounded 'apple' of my cheek. Smile and where the skin makes a nice rounded cheek- that's where you put the blush for this look.

On my eyes, I used Aromaleigh's eye pigments in the following:

Eye Plush Collection, Sunny Disposition shade
- along the entire lower lid, winging out past the corner of my eye. Think Cleopatra a little bit.

Eye Plush Collection, Silk Stockings- above the lower lid, strictly along the crease and below the lower lashes, like eyeliner.

Eye Plush Collection, Petit Fours- shading on the browbone where the natural shadow falls above the crease for a bit of contouring.

Elemental Lustre Collection, Blaze- The darker contouring at the outer edge of the eye. I used this to accent the lighter wing of the pale eye shadow colour and to add 'oomph' at the corners. Blend softly from the accent wing line up to shadow the outer edge of the eye.

*For mascara, I mixed the Blaze shadow with a clear mascara and my mascara brush with my brush kit for my lashes. It's a great way to make coloured mascara without having to buy it. Keep a clear mascara, take the brush out, rub it into the pigment and apply! Be sure to clean it before inserting back into the tube so you don't colour the entire bottle.

On my lips I used Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita shadow in Angel Bouquet under a bit of MAC's lipglass in Underage. I wanted the colour of my lips to show through, but have a bit of shimmer. I think MAC's lipglass can be a bit goopy (sorry die hard MAC fans) so I use a lot of Besame's lip glaze in Chocolate for the same effect.

Again, the key is not to have this wild dramatic makeup that photographs but doesn't 'wear'. I want to show women that you can have a very generous colour range in your cosmetics but not give Ru Paul a run for his/her money. You can use the pretty colours you see and wear them! I can do my makeup for my blog and go out and I don't get weird looks...you want it to be soft and subtle and you can certainly wear it dark- but I think more of you makeup ladies out there want to see this be something you can use, not just take a great photo in.

Let me know what you think! And, if you're hitting the tropics sometime soon- lucky you! Until then- let's all fake it!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

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