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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little bit of shimmer for the holidays

Starlight, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, find Aromaleigh in my post tonight!

After a long few days of filming where every makeup girl feels like she's falling off her eyeliner gilded rocker- some gorgeous shimmer in her mailbox makes her go, "Oh!" Miss K, I know your little jars of happiness say "You're a doll!" but this ditty is aimed at back at ya, because, YOU are a doll! Thank you.

For this eyebright look I used Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita "Starbright" series of shimmers. I decided this huge (HUGE) jars can go not only on the face for a gleam of gorgeous, but on the lids, to make my peepers pop. It did the trick! Take a look at how beautiful these shades are:

Not only that, but my new sssseeecret foundation did the amazing job of erasing lines, making a flawless finish, and should hold up under those fearless TV lights...gah! Ignore my goofy cross eyed stare (It's been a crarazy few days) but this makeup is so shimmery, faerie beautiful- trust me! Not only that- a little goes a long way. A little tap on the back of the jar (the lid makes a great palette for holding shadow as you apply) and you have a lidful!

*Makeup tip- use a lid primer (Aromaleigh's works great!) to keep that sparkly mineral goodness on your eyes and off your cheeks! Works wonders, darlings!

I used Dawnbright on my entire lid for a creamy, pale peach sparkle. I accented the contour of my lid crease with Skybright- a pale, lustrous blue. To blend and add dimension, I used Nightbright, a shimmery mint glow, to my lash line, underneath the lashes, in the corners, and around the contouring of the Skybright blue.

Voila, dolly eyes!

Forgive my too dark mascara- I double applied on what I had on already and I have rather sparse lashes- but it does the trick, no?

Blush is MAC pink swoon and peaches. My fave blush combo, like, evah!

Next for lips is the most amazing Nourishing Color Creme from Aromaleigh- I couldn't find it on the site (but I'm also on the verge of a major nap crash ha ha) but it's enchantingly called Violetta and believe me, the scent is divine and the colour and application are tube to lip and aren't too brilliantly bright- it's sexy and soft. I loved it!

So that's the latest and believe me, I adore it and Aromaleigh is running a 50% sale on their collections!! A new sale every day, leading up to Christmas! So run over to AROMALEIGH and stuff your stockings (and those of your friends)...especially if you've been eyeing a certain shade- Miss K is being oh so generous and you will love every single one!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

UPDATE- According to Aromaleigh, the Violetta lip creme is an expansion of the Bete Noire collection and if you don't order at least one tube- you won't know what you're missing. It seriously is one of the best lip colours I've seen in a looong time!! Keep checking http://www.aromaleigh.com/ for Violetta- coming soon! Here's Miss K's quote on Violetta:

You'll be seeing my first step to "the dark side" of lipstick when I program
Bete Noire Nourishing Color Cremes in the shades "Mina", "Violetta" and
"Elisabetta" onto the site. Elisabetta was inspired by an Urban Decay lipstick
that is dark, but very wearable on me- "Apocalypse".

So when it's up- go get it! Ready? Set! GO!

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