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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gothic Lolita says Ooh La La!

Here's a lovely and vampish look with a gothic twist from Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita collection. On my eyes I used:

Strawberry Despair

Lush Memoir

Satin Laces

and Bete Noire's glitter in Cleo

Although I live these triad type "Look of the Day" combinations, I do notice that this is about what saturates the makeup blogging community. I get bored of seeing the same ol' routine.

Black eyeliner winged out? Check. Dark at the corner and blended. OH yes, Check. Contrast color at the inset of the eye? Check, check. Funky rhinestone or glitter somewhere- yup, Check. It makes me say, "Blah".

I want to see more invention. I want to see a fully nude face with some pop. Or maybe, several colours in unconventional templates- contrast under the eye- bare on top. Lace as faux shadow- dear me, something other than the tried and true!

But, for the online girlies that seem to love this 3 color combo template (sometimes there are 4- but meh, it's the same shading idea), here's my offering at the altar of Cosmetique.

Until next time,

Tianne Marie

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