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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things that make you say "Mmmm"- My first attempt at formulating lip gloss like Marilyn Monroe

Hi there!

Got a little pot of yummy that I wanted to review. They're small, but pack a mean punch. Thicker than a typical lip balm and with a bit of grain from the glitter- Mmmm Girl lip gloss has a story to tell!

Based on the colour worn by Marilyn Monroe in her last film, "Something's Got to Give" and named after the actress (since she stuttered and was called the Mmmm girl based on her speech issues AND looks)-

Mmmm Girl lip gloss is a tribute to the film goddess and well, darn fun to wear!

At first when I put it on, I was like, "well, this isn't slick...it's creamy" and
it has glitter, which usually I tend to dislike in lipsticks in general. But, it offers a nice glimmer in the sun and if it's named after Marilyn, it should probably sparkle.

2g twist jars with a pink jeweled flower and a yummy coconut smell, when you glide it on, it tastes sweet, like sugar.

I'm sure Marilyn would've liked that!

The colour itself in the jar is a brick/brown/plum but it glides on in this shimmery persimmon that kid-you-not matches Miss Monroe's pucker in the movie just so!
Below is the swatch of colour on my arm (sorry the skin looks a bit yellow, bah to fading sunlight and attempts to capture lippies).

So, after a couple of hours, it stayed on (even through a few glasses of liquid) and although it wasn't shelackety slick- I appreciated the stain like effect and please, anything matching what Marilyn wore has an A+ in my book!

I made this with a lip balm base and a mix of pigments and did thejars myself. I sent some to my sister and she agreed it was super drying and although I got the colour right, my personal take is that the formulation was CRAP!!! But I am determined to try again...wish me luck!

It gave me so much respect for those who make lippies- it's not something to just throw together.  I toy with the idea of formulating my own mineral line and maybe someday I will- not to sell, just to say I did.

Would you want to try your hand at mixing colors?  I think I'll stick to eyeshadows though...the lippie was too wonky to tackle first.

Have a great day,

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