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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The point is: Aromaleigh is En Pointe!

Hi there!

Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup Collection, En Pointe

I'm really pleased with these colours! I think these are very, very wearable, but at the same time pack a punch of pigment in unique shades that have a bit of old world feel to them.

Serenade reminds me of the velvety skies I've seen in old Renoir paintings. Elegie is the sparkle of a dancer's costume. Tutu (my personal fave in this roster) is straight out of Degas- I swear the fourteen year old dancer wore tulle such as this. These colours remind me so much of Medieval tapestries and rich fabric that I want to use this palette for home design! So of course I would want this on my face! It's rare to see a mineral makeup company come up with ever changing palettes and offer them so reasonably! Here's Miss K's take on her dreamy colour scheme:

"En Pointe"... a 2009 Limited Edition Collection.

Inspired by one of my great loves... the ballet.
This is a gathering of lush shades, not just the expected ballet pink. For me, ballet is dramatic, emotional, and full of tragic beauty. With almost 20 years of ballet study, I watch not only dreaming that I could be on the stage, but knowing the iron strength and control that the most ethereal, graceful dancer must have.
"En Pointe" has a little bit of everything... plush matte shades with graceful iridescent highlights, a brilliant shimmering black and white that can make any color into whatever you imagine, and some lovely frosts with multi-faceted effects. Most of this year's collections have been straight frosts with vivid sparkling highlights, but this collection is more understated while still being full of mystery and transient beauty. The photos of these colors barely touch what they truly are like in person...

Head over to Aromaleigh and grab a few! Seriously, I've had a lot of experience with pigments and they last for at least 6 months if you wear it daily and liberally. It's that powerful. So for under $10 you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal and of such caliber. If you seriously can't afford it (c'mon 2 lattes cost more than these beauties) Aromaleigh offers samples that are $1 or so each and she ships them FREE. Not only that, Miss K is so warm and darling you'll feel like you've found a friend!

I'm not a paid promoter for the brands or products I review- I earn it through trial and error and loooooads of research (you lucky girls, I do it for ya!) So run over, click, do a pirouette, and order En Pointe- tell her Tianne sent ya!

OH and I need to mention this!!! You'd better scoot over to Aromaleigh quick, because this collection is only available until November 16th! That's about 2 weeks- so if you don't grab them soon.....they'll disappear into dancer's oblivion forever (that's where my size 6 tights went...sigh).

Update:  Swatches of the entire collection HERE.

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