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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Old fave, new rave! Estee Lauder CRYSTAL gloss!

Hi there!


C'mon girls, let's glow! I love this gloss....it's super hard to find, but if you're lucky you can score some seriously killer gloss that makes your lips look UV reflective hot!

Not to mention, every single time you whip this baby out, people are like, "Whoah, what is that?"

You'll be the quintessential lolita du futura with this fab lip gloss- go grab it...if you can *wink*

I bought my first one when Estee Lauder carried them, but now you can find them on Ebay or maybe Amazon, or check out the Find.com. Happy hunting!

I showed off this uber-awesome gloss by using Mehron body paint in PINK on my lips. Ultimate matte Barbie pink (love this stuff, tastes awful though) in colour, I tested it in 2 lights. Dappled sunlight and inside lighting.

You can see the difference in shading.

Then I applied the gloss and VOILA insta sheen! Check out the flourescent effect- changing the matte body paint to va-va-voom shimmering candy glow!

How can you not love this?

Be prepared to spend anywhere from $10 to $23, depending on where you find it.

Ebay is great, but you run the risk of used items or ripoffs- but as this isn't a GET IT NOW item, you'll probably get a deal. There's a gamut of colours- but I love the prism ones best.

Looking at these upcoming photos, you can see why!

The big lippie/face shot is the Mehron in direct sun- Here's the gloss on top of the Mehron *unedited, my skin is suffering in the fall/winter climate, sorry* BUT can you say WOW to this gloss?!

Next, the Mehron only, indoors.

This is the Mehron with the Crystal Gloss indoors- it's extremely glowy!

The impact shots at top and near the signoff really show how great this gloss is outside. It can take any lipstick (I'd say to use this under a matte unless you want that rubber lip effect, but hey, it's your mouth, dahling!) and make it shine like it's nobody's business!

Trust me, it's going to be EVERYBODY'S business when you rock this gloss!

Have a great day,

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