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Monday, November 2, 2009

No, She Didn't! (pirate her pigments): The Lime Crime repackaging debate

Hi there!

It's come to my attention that there's a lot of focus on Lime Crime makeup being a hoax and that Doe Deere gets her pigments from TKB and then puts them in her own jars without coming up with her own shades. I don't own TKB's pigments and I know that some shades of LC have been claimed to have been taken from TKB and my post coming up will have my opinion on that.

Here's what I know: Lime Crime wears well [*2013 update, after using so many shadows since this post it was pretty apparent the original shades circa 2009 and prior were pretty much mica and filler but very little else- probably TKB and probably some mixing, but nothing like acutally formulated shadows with binders.  Since then, Lime Crime has stepped it up, but a nice disclaimer would've helped the PR back then]. Doe markets herself smartly. The customer service is first rate and I've not had a problem. I also have to say that I'm not in the room when she makes her eyeshadow, so I can't say one way or another- other than what I have (which is the whole collection) has performed fairly well and Doe has been great to work with. No, I don't get paid to say this and I'm not a fangirl either, I've purchased the products at retail and have developed through using the products my opinions.

But for excellent well formulated shadow, nothing beats Aromaleigh.  I love Aromaleigh- Miss K has some great range and she's been a real joy to interact with and has given me a huge stash of stuff I'm so excited to use. This hasn't biased my opinion- I simply like how the eyeshadows and colors apply without having to use a primer every single time.

I also love Etsy and the plethera of product available. I think we're so lucky to have such incredible access to so many talented people making makeup! I take a lot of pleasure in wandering through boutiques, researching online, and finding things that make me happy and best of all- look great!

I've made the mistake of posting without knowing. I'm not on Lime Crime's development team, but I also believe in giving people a chance. To those posting- do you know FOR SURE 100% that Lime Crime is pirated? Have you compared the shades? Are you on the development team for Lime Crime? Have you bought the Stargazer lipstick? I will say that I have black Wet N' Wild nail polish that looks exactly like my Chanel....did Wet N' Wild steal Chanel's nail polish recipe like a thief in the night?

I doubt it.

So. I'm going to keep loving my Lime Crime, when it works it works just fine. I'm going to keep loving Aromaleigh. I'm going to keep reviewing the products that work and photograph well and hope we makeup darlings can all get along....

Have a great day,

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