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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty Eye &/or Anime Eye Tutorial part two!

Hi there!

I did a quick look based on the image below of Lady Gaga with her Hello Kitty anime eye-

I loved this look so much I took my template and did it! Wee! My kids thought I was absolutely nuts until they saw the Gaga photo and then they went, "Ooooh, I get it!" But secretly, they think I'm nuts. Anyhoo! Onto the tutorial. I know the next photo totally looks like the first one, but it's not- I just pose the same, lol! Oh and this would work for Cosplay/Anime eyes as well.


Black creme paint
White creme paint
Green (or your iris colour of choice) creme paint
Black eyeshadow
Contrasting iris colour eyeshadow (in my case, bright aqua, for glimmer on the green)
White eyeshadow
Smudger makeup brush (all of mine are M.A.C. but cheaper ones will do just fine)
Small eyeliner brush
Medium eyeshadow brush

Face chart I drew for the same look.

Here's how to do it:

1.  Use white cream base from lashes up to the brow
2.  Take black eyeliner and 'draw' an upper lashline and apply fake lashes if you'd like to your eyebrow, this is the top of your anime eye.
3.  With one eye watching and the eye you're working on closed, draw a round iris and fill in the pupil, add two white dots for light reflection.  This can be as cartoonish or real as you like.  Pick an eye and try to copy it.
4.  Line lashes with eye closed and apply false lashes upside down.  This is the bottom of your anime eye.

That should do it!  Now with your eyes closed you have BIG eyes!  Hooray!

Have a great day,

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