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Monday, November 2, 2009

I found a baby bumblebee

Hi there!

BUMBLEBEE (no, not the robot) is my inspiration for today!

Do you remember that song from when we were kids? It went, "I found a baby bumblebee" and it ends up with the bumblebee getting smushed? Yeah, not the nicest, but I found that little stinging hummer wonderful colour inspiration.

First off, I decided that I'd just go for it. No real pattern to follow and do my best.

I blended Lime Crime Circus girl up to my eybrows, filling in where natural shadows lay with Treasure Chest.

I darkened my brows and took Twilight and rubbed it onto the apples of my cheeks only. On the lips, I used pale concealer as a base, brushed on Twilight and then with my fingertips, placed large patches of Circus Girl.

So for the entire face I used:
Lime Crime Circus Girl,  Treasure Chest, mixed with Twilight (on the cheeks and lips) and lots and lots of dramatic black. Add some crazy lashes and a woe-begone face and there you go!

This was a lot of fun to create. On my face I used Smashbox matte powder in Medium.

Have a great day,

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