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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tips for a great smokey eye with Stila's Smokey Eye palette!

Hi there!

Stila's Smokey Eye Kit

I get asked a lot, "how do you do a smokey eye?" You can spell it smoky or smokey...doesn't matter to me, as long as it looks HOT!

Here's some tips I've learned to create a smoldering smokey eye that goes great with a red lip (if you're brazen and bold) or a nude lip (to go tried and true):

1. Make sure your skin is fresh or your makeup will look messy and start with your eyes first.

2. Don't skimp. The better the product for this, the better you'll look. You want this to stay or you'll look like a charming raccoon by the end of the night. Believe me on this, don't be cheap! Try Dior quads for a smokey look or Stila's smokey eye pallette:

3. Start dark, fade to highlight. Keep this in mind. You want to keep the areas closest to the white or sclera of the eye as dark as possible to showcase what, your eyeball, darlin'! Blackest black mascara, black liner (liquid is good on top) and fade your colour application on your eyes out to the eyebrow as the lightest part. THAT'S the trick to getting your peepers noticed!  Keep your lid dark- no 80's makeup, mama.

4. Don't be afraid to be bold. You want to be looked at, right? So a heavy hand is alright on this- remember darlings, makeup does come off and you don't have to be afraid of looking like a drag queen because let me tell you, those ladies know their stuff! Copy it!

5. Blend, baby, blend! Smooth the colours together so you don't have a line of shadow on your eye. Dust transparent powder on your brush if you need to and don't forget to clean below the eye if there is colour spillage.

6.  Use a tightline technique on your upper lashes with black liner or cake for tightlining- makes lashes look dense and deep.

7.  Mascara- go black and go thick- in volume, that is.  Falsies add oomph and don't be afraid to try little baby or demi lashes to really bring out the shape of your eye.

Now, go get on your little black dress on and rock those smokey eyes!

Have a great day,

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