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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Besame Cosmetics: Why I love them!

Hi there!

If you're looking for retro, vintage-esque, throwback cosmetics to copy Marilyn's smile or Ava's sultry eyes- then check out Besame!

Creator Gabriela Hernandez wanted to bring back makeup that was as pretty to look at as it was to wear. Inspired by her grandmother's gilded lipsticks of an era gone by- she decided to change the cosmetic world by recreating makeup reminiscent of Old Hollywood.

I love this line! I have their entire (well, except for a few eensy things) classic collection and the first comment I get is, "But they're so small!" Given- okay! They lipsticks are smaller than your pinky and compared to run of the mill lippy tubes- these are the runts of the litter. BUT I have to use very little (I'm not being cliche here) and it lasts. I don't dare swipe fully with the lipstick on my mouth or it will be too much. For you girls that like a heavy lip- this will do it! If you want a stain, slightly tap the edge of the colour, smooth to fit your lipline, powder & go! If you want a great base colour, tap a little heavier than the stain, fill with a gloss and there you have it! (I show this technique on my YouTube vid for Everyday Makeup, go see! Go!)

I'm super stoked because Besame came out with a new powder, in uber pale Porcelain.

I have the compact in light- and let me tell you, these little darlings are so divine! Forget your cheap plastic compact- this one is what makeup should be! The powder gives great coverage, matte-ifies your skin, and has a magnifying mirror in it's gorgeous brass-like case. They even ship it in a velvet drawstring pouch- muah!

I've never had an issue with Besame's customer service. If anyting, they go above and beyond and you always talk to a human- not a forum of cust. service reps.

I'm stoked to announce they're sending me the compact with the porcelain powder to review and check out! I'll be sure to keep you makeup mavens posted! Oh and did I mention it's refillable?! Keep the lovely Coconut Grove-with-Ol'-Blue-Eyes case and when you run out, order a magnetic pan to fill it back up!

It doesn't get any better than this. Okay, so how much is it? Well, Besame's powders are a bit hefty (save for it, it's worth it) $38.00 for the compact/powder (teensy almost pointless puff- so you'll need a brush; it will save you on overuse during application anyhow. BUT the refills are only $15.00!! That's a great deal! I mean Revlon is nearly 10- and that's drugstore- this is fabulous vintageness!

So, expect a review coming up showing how it looks on bare skin, can provide coverage, and lightening (no, not lightning)...Do you use Besame? If so, let me know! Comment below. Ooh I made a poem, kaching!

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