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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aromaleigh ROCKS goes Glam!

Adrienne is lovely in this dramatic look. Same night as the boxing and I chose to go with high impact colour- which is why Aromaleigh ROCKS! is top of my list. Miss K- I adore this stuff- let me tell you...it's flawless!

For the eyes I used Atomic (a sheer, glistening green yellow for emphasis) over the brows and on the inset of the browbone. I also used it as a 'stripe' on the center of the lid and beneath the dark shadowing under the eye.

Next, I used Prettyvacant (a vibrant, sockitt orange) on the opposite ends of the yellow stripe on the lid, on the wing of the shadow on the temple of the face, and as a decorative stripe on the side of the bridge of the nose.

For the dark shadowing and liner I used Backinblack to create dramatic creases of the eyes and a wing to the temple. I rimmed her eyes in the dark, smudging to give a smoky effect and give the eyes the punch I was hoping for.

Top it off with peach/pink blush high (MAC peaches and pink swoon mixed) on the temple and cheekbone and orange lipstick, Lime Crime Cosmopop with red sugary gloss, Besame Red Berry, and you have it!

I loved the model's tiny elfin face and wide glimmery eyes. She had naturally long blonde hair and an athletic frame that wore the clothes like a dream. The whole crew was wonderful and I like how UN-structured the makeup up but still has that wow factor.

But really, what do YOU think?!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

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