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Monday, October 5, 2009

United Nude Lo Res pumps are shoe gala greatness!

Hi there!

Crazy true story: I looked at these so much that United Nude shipped them to me on accident (I had them sitting in my cart for ages out of want). I debated over what to do for a moment. I could keep them and UN wouldn't be the wiser, or I could send them back, as I didn't pay for them. I sent them back with a note and never heard a word.  Which is weird, because I could've been shady and kept them- but I didn't.  So now I have my integrity, sans the shoes.  C'est la vie.

BUT for a brief moment I held them and loved them....sadly though, I think they'd be uncomfortable as it's all plastic but I still LOVE them!

Heaven comes in a size 37. United Nude, I love you! These Lo Res pumps are bound to look faaaabulous and I'm so excited to someday get them! When that day comes, I will gladly shout your shoes from the rooftops! I'm IN LOVE!! So run to United Nude (no, click now) and get your own pair. They're to die for.

Have a great day,

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