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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Professional Profile: Linda Mason

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Linda Mason's makeup apron (can we say WANT IT?)

Linda Mason is a reknowned makeup artist based in NYC. She has a shop in Soho that is chock full of 'energy'. It's a shop that appeals to the creative- not just the makep obsessed. I've put some time into looking into her classes and if you have 3k and have an opening for 7 all-day sessions, then THIS is a school to look into. I've researched a few 'schools' from HEX to collegiate theatre programs and I'm thinking it's better to learn from those who've done it than those who just teach it. Makeup is an art form, not just a beauty aim. Here's an interview with Linda from makeup.lovetoknow.com:

Interview With Linda Mason
How does makeup help define a woman’s personality?
We search to find clothing, hair and makeup which show us off to our advantage. A woman who wears makeup is a woman who cares about others. How she chooses to wear it, is how she would like to be perceived. We have different sides to our personality and certain knowledge of makeup can allow us to express these different sides so we may change our makeup depending on how we feel. With my Astrological makeup Melodies, I have put kits together so that if a woman would like to express different sides to her personality she can do this by changing a kit. She still has a certain amount of free expression within the kit as she has nine colors to mix, but they are mistake proof so they allow her to experiment with a minimum of risk. 
How do you define true beauty?
True beauty is a spark, a warmth and generosity of Spirit. 
What is a quick way to change a day look to a special occasion or nighttime face?
Make your makeup more dramatic and add contrast by either darkening your eyes and lightening your lips or just strengthening your lip color
You are known for your use of color, what advice can you offer women on how to best choose the right colors for their face?
They have to choose the colors that they are drawn most towards. Experiment with a mixture of things, the skin, and the personality. What I do think women should not say is that if it is bright, it is unnatural. Some of the bright colors can be very simple and soft and almost more natural than the very strong natural colored makeup. If they see a new color or different color they like, just put it next to the lashes. And then you can see if you will look good in it.
With lipstick color you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting, but also keep in mind you might have to alter a color slightly. So, when you are choosing your lipstick, it is almost better to choose it without any eye makeup on. Then instantly you will know if it makes your face look better and a good color for you. Very often women choose a lipstick because they feel they need to have a lipstick; but it doesn’t really do much to enhance them. I think you need try a lipstick on, or at least hold it up to your face. Keep in mind the type of lipstick too, as a rule the matte lipsticks tend to look classier with a deeper color. If you want to look more feminine, or flirtatious, then use a tinted gloss. If you find a color you have put on is a bit much and you are a little frightened by it, and then add a little lip gloss to make it more wearable.
Even when I am selecting colors for women I can be surprised, as a lot of women suit a lot of colors. There is not just one color out there, what happens with the color is it creates different kinds of feelings and I like to match personality to makeup. 
What is the most important makeup tip we all should consider?
I do think it is very important to apply more concealer in the evenings. 
What is the best way for a woman to improve her overall beauty?
Keep your life stress free and full of fun. 
Describe “The Art of Beauty” and your specialty makeup line.
I strive to make my line beautiful, practical and compact. I would like a woman to enjoy looking at the product as much as wearing it. I want to add a little brightness to all women’s makeup collection. I like to use colors as highlighters, which is different then what other people do. I allow my customers to create their own compact of colors, or they can select an Astrological compact. These kits are designed for a mood and personality, like romantic or more serious. You can experiment within the kits also, as they are not geared toward just your astrological sign. The colors work together to create that type of feeling. 
What are the current trends in makeup today?
I believe that women are more adventurous. They are also more knowledgeable, so this means they would like to be able to express themselves with special touches of color or with unusual products. They are more ecologically aware, so the packaging and products need to be in harmony with that. 
What advice do you have to makeup artists just starting out?
Make the opportunity to do makeup on everyone around you so that you get as much practical experience as possible, and just go for it. Never forget, almost anyone can make top models look good and throw color on to be creative. It’s when you can make up all different types of women well, and make them feel like a top model, that you will truly be a makeup artist
How much art is actually involved in makeup application?
We are walking works of Art. It is not just in the techniques that we put the finishing touches to our personal tableau, but also with our form of expression. Some of us are minimalists and others more expressionistic. A makeup artist is a true artist and you can see this if you study the portfolios and styles of different makeup artists. Their art accentuates and embellishes in very different ways.

Here's the skinny on Linda's class "Intensive" (the Aug 09 schedule, price goes up for 2010)

FOR ALL LEVELS :- Max 8 students per class. Fees:- August 2009 $3,000. 2010 $3,500
The Intensive Session is a 7 Lesson Program open to students of all levels. Because of the small amount of students allowed in this class Linda is able to give each one lots of individual care and attention regardless of their level. Working makeup artists are requested to show their portfolio to Linda before the class begins. Students should read "Makeup The Art of Beauty" by Linda Mason before beginning this class as this is the handbook for the class
This class enables Linda to grasp an understanding of the capacities of each artist, allowing her to best direct them with their next steps, be it further education, development of their portfolio or work. A complete Intensive Fashion and Beauty makeup program that focuses on 7 elements of being, enhancing or becoming a make-up artist. Starting with finding inspiration, to understanding skin + eyes, to cheeks + lips, preparing Brides, learning Editorial & Runway from Fashion to beauty and ending with a test photo shoot and portfolio preparation. Each class begins with multiple demonstrations by Linda Mason, followed by hands on student application and one on one attention. The fee includes a set of 14 make-up brushes, supplies for use during the session, the cost of a photo-shoot, and edited photos for use in your portfolio.
Lesson 1:- INSPIRATIONS How the 20th Century history of makeup is still relevant in the makeup we do today. Influences of Art and ethnologie. The Tools of the Trade
Lesson 2 :- SKIN&EYES Essential techniques, tools and products Eye & eyebrow shaping
Lesson 3 :- CHEEKS&LIPS Essential techniques, blushing, sculpting and highlighting. Tools, products and textures.
Lesson 4 :- BRIDES Complete makeup for a specific occasion. How to help fulfill the Brides dream with a timeless radiant makeup which is photo ready and durable.
Lesson 5:- RUNWAY,FASHION &BEAUTY EDITORIAL,ADVERTIZING Fulfilling the needs of the clients in Fashion and Beauty, be it the Designer, Beauty editor, Photographer or Art Director.
Lesson 6:- LIVE TEST PHOTOSHOOT The first step to building your portfolio.
Lesson 7:- 3HR WRAP UP CLASS Review of the work week and discussions about your direction and next steps.
The space is limited in this class and the fee includes the cost of the photo-shoot, photos on a disc*, the supplies for use during the session and a makeup 14 brush set.

Class dates:- 2009/10 AUGUST '09 Sun 9th - Friday 14th JANUARY 2010 Sunday 31st - Friday Feb 5th APRIL 2010 Sunday 25TH - Friday 30th AUGUST 2010 Sunday 8th - Friday 13th Sunday 11am to 4pm.
Monday 8am to 1pm then 2pm to 7pm. Tues & Wed 8am to 1pm. Thursday either 8am to 1pm 12pm to 5pm. Friday 3pm-6pm25% is due on registration.
Full payment is due 1 month before the class begins, for cancellations after this period up until one week before the first day of class only 75% will be reimbursed owing to the small number of students allowed in this class. The full 100% will be forfeited if cancellation is made in the week preceding the classes.

To Register:

Download registration form click here or call 1 800 238 2922, In New York, 212 625 0490 E-mail linda@lindamason.com

That's the 411 on Linda Mason's current scheduling for what I think is a great class to learn from one of the most influential makeup artists around. I also wanted to share some of her background and here's some of her cosmetics. They're pricey, I haven't used them, but I think I might put it on the "Wish List".

Skin Prep Set, individual 2 oz bottles from $18-59 (whew!)

Betty Compacts, several colour combos, $91

Cubed Cream Blush, $23
Blusher, $23

Aren't those cubes a great idea?

Linda Mason's site mentioned refills available at her store in New York. Wouldn't I love to check her store out and take a class?! There's so much I can learn and I'm amazed daily at the amount of incredible talent and inspiration available to improve.  I remember MAC offering a master class and wanting to go to New York and learn- ah to dream.  What are your favorite tips/brands/makeup experiences?

Have a great day,


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