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Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

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Mineral Make up Application Tricks & Tips

(as taken from TLC Minerals HERE)

I know I'm not the only one who has looked at those tiny jars of mineral makeup and wondered what in the world to do with them? You don't want to look like a racoon or end up with orange streaks or too dark in weird places. Here are some tips that should help! Substitute TLC's product names for similar products you own. For example, Porcelain Finishing Powder can be translated as Mineral Veil (from ID).

* It only takes a few applications to learn how to apply TLC Mineral Make up. A little goes a long way as mineral powders are really concentrated and contain no fillers. Do not "over load" the minerals on your brush as they can become uneven looking or even shiny from too much manipulation.

* Apply your mineral foundation in thin layers. Continue adding layers until the desired coverage has been reached.

* Make sure your moisturizer has completely absorbed, powder applies best on lightly moisturized, but air dry skin.( our moisture mist works best).

* Apply with Large powder brush FOR LIGHT TO MEDIUM COVERAGE. .

* Apply with Capra Dome Brush for an AIR BRUSH LIKE COVERAGE.

* To set makeup for a long lasting matte finish, dust Porcelain Finishing Powder over your foundation with a Luscious powder brush

* To prime your face for long lasting oil control, use Porcelain Finishing Powder as a pre base and apply your mineral foundation directly on top.

* To make a creamy liquid foundation use your favorite light daytime moisturizer and mix with loose mineral powder proportionately to desired consistency and color.

* To minimize large pores, apply a small amount of Porcelain Finishing Powder with a flocked sponge and apply to areas of the skin in a stippling effect, buff off excess. Pores will disappear. Use one of our brushes to apply your mineral foundation on top.

* One shade will suit a wide variety of skin tones because the minerals are light reflective and do not absorb light the way most makeup does.

* Use a darker base as a contour or bronzer. This makes the skin come alive and also increases the sun protection

Any mineral makeup application stories for me? I'm new to this type of complexion foundation- so I'm really interested in the results! Email photos to pierce.tianne@hotmail.com

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