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Friday, October 9, 2009

Conversation with Doe Deere: Black lips/Bright eyes and Lime Crime Blush!

Hi there!

Doe Deere had a very smooth take on the gothic look. I'm tired of the Hot Topic over-the-top goth appearance and I think her 40's glam ensemble with the swervy eyeliner and dark, silky mouth captured the mystery of being gothic without the faux drama. Take a peek at her perfectly done peepers in the image above!

I also asked her how she was able to blend the eye so well to avoid the 'stripe' eyeliner look with such a dark lip- lucky me- she gave me the info:

Entry: Paint It Black

I'm grateful she filled me in. I knew a light brown would take the severity away from the eyeliner and create a smoother transition from the skin tone- so thanks Doe Deere for the insight!

But, other posts mentioned there were going to be more colours added onto Lime Crime's reportoire- exciting news! I read of a possible deep, dark red and possibly more Magic Dusts, hooray!

So, from the line creator herself, maybe we can see some blush coming from Lime Crime! I know there were a few a while back- but with any good cosmetic run, it's a matter of trial and error to get it right. I normally don't have patience with products that aren't completely available, but Ms. Deere is so charmingly likeable and her makeup is so consistently fresh and well done- I feel lucky to be in the queue!

Electric Bubblegum

Marie Antoinette

So those are the blushes I could find. Names were Electric Bubblegum and Marie Antoinette- sigh....if only I'd grabbed some! But, I know Doe is inventive and this will be a full line in no time- and when it is, I'm there! There was also a shade called Electric Peach, but no photo, moto.

*Update 2013, I asked Doe if she would be offering blush like she did before.  She said it was in the works, but since then Lime Crime has offered more lipsticks and palettes and moved away from the Magic Dusts and "bright/illegal" idea.  So no word on blushes just yet.

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