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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aromaleigh Makeup- Look out world, Mineral is IN!

I've been acutely aware of the mineral makeup trend. I know that more refined cosmetics are all the rage and I've seen firsthand the difference that mineral makeup can make compared to standard cosmetics during application.

So, here's a company I stumbled upon doing my daily dose of online makeup research and I think they've got some great ideas.

Who are they? AROMALEIGH

Where are they? Based in South Carolina, USA

Who created it? MISS K (ain't she a dish?! Look at those red fishnets, love 'em!)

Started in the late 90's by a single mom who's earned her cosmetics chops, Aromaleigh looks like it's going to be a big star in the makeup universe. They have a loyal following and I think I might join the ranks.

Take a look at some of their products!

I'm grateful to know they don't get their pigment in bulk and remarket- no no girls, these are USA and unique (whew!)

I am loving the pigmentation on those shadows though and the site mentions some kits are coming soon. Any Aromaleigh fans out there? Let me know!

Great thing too is that it's cheap! Some pigment shadows start at $16.00 and go up...but Miss K offers hers at a very, very reasonable $8 each. This photo is for her "Les Papillons" (the butterflies) collection. Love it!

She also has the very popular option of buying samples at under a dollar each for shadows. I love sampling, it allows me to "try before I commit" without having to tote a huge jar of product around just for one look.

Best of all, for all US orders, shipping on samples is FREE! Yep, gratis! So, go order HERE!

It seems like Aromaleigh offers a lot for us makeup mavens out there! Lip glosses, Rocks! collection (high pigment, glitters, gel eyeliners, etc) and I'm hooked. So here's the scoop on Aromaleigh, now go buy it!

Have a great day,

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