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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Julep Subscription Box Valued at $80- Free For You!

Julep Beauty Inc.

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I am new to Julep but I see all kinds of love for the boxes online.  As a nurse I have to be careful and clean with my nail care- which doesn't allow for any artificial nails.  So to keep my nail fetish well fed I love having a variety of polish on hand to spice it up.  Julep offers a great way to get a variety of colors- here's how to get your first box for free!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Color Antiquity Palette from Design Seeds: Purple, Pink, + Orange Makeup Challenge Look!

Design Seeds palette

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Real quick look using Fyrinnae to match the palette from design seeds above.  It's titled Color Antiquity. I love the mix of deep purple with apricot and ruby grapefruit.  

Fierce Magenta Romance Lip Gloss in Pink and Gold Duochrome! Swatches!

Product Review, Purchased by me

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Pink and gold is such a luscious combo to me.  I swoon for antique china with pink roses and gold trim. There is something soft and romantic about it without looking childish.  It reminds me of Marie Antoinette, dreamy wedding cakes, and fancy tea parties.  Here is my pink and gold inspiration that brought me to purchase FierceMagenta's lip gloss in Romance:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shopping For Free: I Love Polyvore!

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Oh my heck have I been a polyvoring fool.  I won't blather on about it- but here is the result of only 2 days of wasting a few hours on Polyvore.  It's like shopping but for free- love that it links to where you can buy the items you find.  I'm hooked.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Splashing Into Summer Wearing Cobalt Blue: JustFab Ornate Bag + Kora Fringed Heels!

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I had a couple of items on my JustFab wish list and I was able to take advantage of their BOGO sale and pick up some super cute fringed heels and studded bag.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Swatches of 18 MAC Lip Pencils: From Kim Kardashian's Favorite to Mine

Gotta get it just right
[thx Tumblr]

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However way you line your lips, you're likely to run into MAC's lip liners.  MAC's lip pencils have a cult following and rightly so, they perform wonderfully every time for me.  I find myself with a stash of lip pencils and inherently reaching for my MAC shades.  They make the perfect beige pink and seem to make liners that blend and last.  Adding a lip pencil to your routine sometimes seems like going full out but it helps your lipstick from bleeding, can give depth to your mouth, and helps with color adhesion and durability.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trio: Currant Lip Pencil, Dark Side Lipstick, and Lovechild Lipglass! Deep Aubergine Lips!

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In keeping with the I (heart) Aubergine theme, I wanted to present another matching MAC lip trio!  These are my favorite type of lip posts.  You get a liner, lipstick, and coordinating gloss for your perusing pleasure. It's fun to play with the products and see what goes together and what quite doesn't.  I think if you're looking for a vinyl glossy deep colored lip- this might be the trio for you!

I Am In Love With Aubergine!

Pick Your Purple

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Every now and again a color captures your heart.  You want shoes like that.  You dream up nail combos- or you pick up a lipstick that fulfills your little inspirational dream.  Or you obsess and see it everywhere and hope to have a beachfront condo with a front door in that very shade.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trios: Liner, Lipstick, + Gloss! Spice Liner and Lipglass with Velvet Teddy- Rich Neutral Lips!

Does this drive you crazy or what- like super fast!
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Manic lip pressing gif aside (I dare you to to burn your eyeballs out watching it)- I felt it was apropos for my post today.  I get obsessively excited about a dang good lip.  One of my favorites are matchy-matchy lips with MAC products.  I've posted a few matching MAC lip trios and this one is just as fun!  The trio is a creamy caramel shade that leans slightly to leathers, spices, and rich cups of latte.  If you want to see my other MAC lip sets- you'll find Matching MAC Lip Trios HERE.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Open Up My Subscription Box With Me: Wantable Accessories Box July 2014

Love ALL the jewelry!

Subscribe to Wantable HERE

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In a sea of subscriptions where you often get a few fails, it's unbelievably refreshing to find a box that you are drop dead in love with.  Welcome to Wantable.  You get to choose from makeup, intimates, or accessories and I chose the accessories box.  You take a little quiz to determine what you want and they promise to never send something you dislike- in my case hair accessories.  Barrettes?  Blah.  Let me share with you my very first Wantable box- July 2014.  They cost $36 per month and are shipped to the US for free.  Mine took about 3 days to arrive after I received the 'it's coming!' email.